Note to myself

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Get back to the basic: breath!

Watch yourself breath … at lenght

Stick to the present breathing process.

Feel your inner body, your inner space...

All gloominess is illusion...

All worry is illusion!

Time is illusion...

The past doesn't exist by itself...

The future, you've not one bit of control over...

Both are faces of the present moment

Both are variants of the here and now.

Stick to the present moment:

Attention! Here and now!

Just be: you already are!

You are not by yourself...

You are not an isolated piece of being, lost and wandering by your own by the universe.

You are a filtering ray from the symbiosis of the loving, peaceful and joyful energies of the Universe.

Watch the gloominess trying to creep in

It's the ego, the pain-body refusing to let go.

Don't judge! Just watch and laugh at them...

They are illusion...

Stick to the infinite and eternal source of life...

Stick to your eternal and infinite being.

Thank you Eckhart Tolle, "A New Earth"

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